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Larrkia Principles

Our First Nations Tourism Plan recognises these Six Larrakia Declaration Principles and focuses on leveraging a flourishing First Nations tourism economy by sharing authentic, memorable and culturally enriching experiences. Our First Nations Tourism Plan presents a clear direction for the future, sustainable growth of First Nations tourism in Qld. Our First Nations Tourism Plan is developed, directed and driven by First Nations peoples, who are the stewards of First Nations culture and country.

1. Respect for customary law and lore, land and water, traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions, cultural heritage that will underpin all tourism decisions.

2. Indigenous culture and the land and waters on which it is based, will be protected and promoted through well-managed tourism practices and appropriate interpretation.

3. Indigenous peoples will determine the extent and nature and organisational arrangements for their participation in tourism and that governments and multilateral agencies will support the empowerment of Indigenous people.

4. That governments have a duty to consult and accommodate Indigenous peoples before undertaking decisions on public policy and programs designed to foster the development of Indigenous tourism.

5. The tourism industry will respect Indigenous intellectual property rights, cultures and traditional practices, the need for sustainable and equitable business partnerships and the proper care of the environment and communities that support them.

6. That equitable partnerships between the tourism industry and Indigenous people will include the sharing of cultural awareness and skills development which support the well- being of communities and enable enhancement of individual livelihoods.

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