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Queensland First Nations Tourism Plan

An outcome from the 2017 Indigenous Tourism Employment Forum (now known as Destination IQ) was the recognition and industry request for an Indigenous Tourism Strategy to guide the development and growth of Indigenous tourism across Queensland.

Australia’s First Nations peoples are the oldest living cultures on earth, connecting with country for tens of thousands of years. The Queensland First Nations Tourism Plan (QFNTP) sets the framework to leverage our First Nations cultural heritage and stewardship of country, together with Qld’s distinctive mix of tourism product offerings, to inspire the development of a thriving First Nations’ tourism sector that offers diverse, authentic and engaging, sustainable tourism experiences and promotes greater engagement of First Nations peoples in tourism. View the Queensland First Nations Tourism Plan below or click here.

The development of the QFNTP was guided by QTIC's Strategic Advancement Group. This group comprised of 8 people that were able to provide insight and strategy to government and governmental organisations in regard to tourism development opportunities for the Indigenous Tourism sector. This group disbanded with the launch of the QFNTP. You can view members of the Strategic Advancement Group here.

The QFNTP is accompanied by an action plan outlining way in which we can implement the Plan. To access the Action Plan click here

First Nations Tourism Working Group

To guide the implementation of the Queensland First Nations Tourism Plan and action plan a working group has been developed. This First Nations Tourism Working Group examines the development and implementation of actions under the six pillars in the plan. The makeup of the group is varied and takes factors such as location, gender, experience and business acumen into consideration. In addition to those criteria, members were chosen based on their ability to address certain aspects of the plan and their dedication to supporting and developing First Nations tourism. See our dedicated working group members, here.

The First Nations Tourism Working Group was also supported by a group of industry experts. Expert Advisors had experience in various industries and provided valuable insights and advice on a needs basis. View our Expert Advisors, here.

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